Tylose is a type of hydroxymethyl cellulose. It is a natural polymer with three hydroxyl groups in each ring. This material has different applications with different properties and is usually used for the purpose of viscosity enhancer, stabilizer, and binder.

Tylose is considered as a powder and as a cellulose concentrator based on cellulose and is offered in three types: 4000, 20,000, and 100,000. Its type 4000 has more strength in water retention than the other two models, yet it has more solubility. Is also contained in water. Applications of this chemical include paper, glue, construction, paint, etc.


This substance, also known as CMC for short, is a derivative of cellulose and is produced by the substitution of carboxymethyl groups instead of hydroxyl. It is used as a thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, and viscosity controller.

Carboxymethyl cellulose at low concentrations such as 0.5%, these polymers can act well in size and are actually used in the paper industry with a large internal size and surface area. In preserving paper, the use of a measuring material can play two roles: removing oil and/or grease and strengthening the fiber-to-fiber bond, which makes the paper stronger and more durable.


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