Elmo Motion Control – Gold Solo Triple Twitter digital servo drive

Gold Solo Triple Twitter is an ultra-high-current servo drive, capable of delivering up to 270A/60VDC, 240A/80VDC, 210A/100VDC and 100A/200VDC. The drive delivers up to 17 kW electrical power in a compact package (EtherCAT: 152.68 cm3 or CAN: 144.32 cm3). This advanced, high power density servo drive provides top performance, advanced networking and built-in safety, as well as a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence. As part of the Gold product line, it is fully programmable with the Elmo Motion Control language. The Gold Solo Triple Twitter is available in a variety of models. There are multiple power rating options, different communication options, a number of feedback options and different I/O configuration possibilities. The Gold Solo Triple Twitter can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including medical, robotics, semiconductors and material handling fields.

Gold Solo Triple Twitter Highlights:

  • High power density, over 16,000 of “Qualitative” Watts
  • Ultra high current – up to 270A/60V, 240A/80V, 210A/100V, 100A/200V
  • Easy to connect, simple to configure
  • Record-setting weight of only 210 grams (7.4 Oz)
  • Ultra Small, Ultra Efficient
  • Advanced networking by EtherCAT Or CANOpen
  • Supports any feedback sensor in single, dual and gantry configurations
  • Incorporates Proprietary “Fast and Soft Switching Technology” resulting in >99% efficiency yet negligible EMI

Released date: www.elmomc.com

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