We provide numerous types of measuring instruments – usually portable – intended for industrial use. These equipment are used to measure a physical quantity – e.g., time, mass, temperature, flux or amount of energy, etc.

We are providing different types of instruments such as flow meters, analytical devices, pressure transmitters, level meters, temperature meters.

We can provide you a variety of equipment from high quality European, American and Asian brands.

Boxes, Cabling and Interfaces
Industrial Communication
Motion Control and Robotics
Power Supplies, Power Protection and Transformers
Sensors and RFID System
Contactors and Protection Relays
Interface, Safety and Control Relays
Motor Starters and Protection Components
Process Control and Safety
Enclosures and Accessories
Measurement and Instrumentation
PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers
Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and Joysticks
Signaling Devices

Instrumentation Brands


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