Hydraulic equipment uses pressurized fluid to perform a variety of machining operations. In hydraulic machinery, an engine or motor drives a pump that pressurizes the hydraulic fluid.

This fluid is then sent through hydraulic tubes to the machine’s actuators, which use the fluid’s pressure to complete their assigned task. The fluid then moves through a filter, back to the pump, where it is again pressurized. Typically, hydraulic fluid consists of mineral oil polyalphaolefin or organophosphate ester, although other compounds are also used.

Hydraulic equipment operates with the help of a vast range of valves, pumps, filters, and actuators. These include check valves, which prevent the backflow of liquid; counterbalance valves, which provide flow resistance in specific situations; hydraulic cylinders, which convert the fluid pressure into mechanical force, often by driving a piston; and pump filters, which remove damaging chips and particles from the fluid.

We can provide you a variety of equipment from high quality European, American and Asian brands.

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