Motion Plus distributing MICRONIX USA products

Manfred Schneider, the President of MICRONIX USA, is enthusiastic about the opportunity. “We are excited to collaborate with Motion Plus to make our extensive standard product line available through their website. This collaboration enables Micronix resources to expand our focus on OEM customers while Motion Plus will support end-user and non-OEM customers. We are especially pleased to offer a large selection of our products through their quick ship, in-stock option to help customers accelerate their product development processes and experiments.”

The benefits of this new partnership include.

  • High performance MICRONIX USA piezo motion components in-stock and ready to ship
  • A one-stop shopping experience for MICRONIX USA products with additional items
  • Easy to use filtering tools to help find the right Micronix USA product

Motion Plus provides an online storefront for selecting and purchasing motion control, automation products, and more. With in-stock products, easy-to-use selection filters, and an array of help tools – Motion Plus works to deliver the best customer experience for buyers who want products quickly and efficiently. From precision miniature piezo stages, linear motors, rotary motors, through servo and stepper drives or multi-axis controls; Motion Plus has the products you need to solve your next automation challenge. For more information, visit

Founded in 2006, MICRONIX USA specializes in miniature- micro- and nano-positioning components and systems for the life science, spectroscopy, microscopy, optical and research markets. It is noteworthy that MICRONIX USA is the only company based in the USA that designs and manufactures miniature positioners based on the stick-slip piezo principle.

Released date: February 22, 2022


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