New servo and motion bundles simplify machine integration

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.’s new Economy Solutions are packaged servo and motion bundles that allow for high precision motion control in a way that is quick and affordable to integrate. They allow OEMs and system integrators to build budget-friendly machines with advanced motion control and IoT technology.

Three different bundles are currently available – compact motion, basic motion, and pulse motion. Compact motion delivers premium performance and is available in up to 7.0 kW. It offers up to eight axes of synchronized motion per module and operates on the new CC-Link IE Time-Sensitive Network (TSN) allowing for improved communications speed.

Basic motion is the most affordable option and uses the integrated networking of the iQ-F compact PLC to control servo amplifiers and motors at a low cost. It operates over the CC-Link IE Field Basic network and allows the integration of other IE Field Basic compatible devices and is best suited for small systems and supports up to 16 stations.

Pulse motion allows for easy integration with third party PLCs. It operates over pulse train communication, which makes it able to communicate with almost any PLC. Also suited for smaller systems, it doesn’t require a motion module.

All three options provide the following benefits:

  • -Removes guesswork from selecting parts
  • -Guaranteed compatibility between components
  • -Sample programs to help customers get up to speed faster
  • -Flexible and configurable to meet exact requirements

Released date: August 15, 2022


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