Robotic pick and pack solutions for e-commerce fulfillment by Berkshire Grey

Berkshire Grey has launched a range of Robotic Pick and Pack solutions for e-commerce fulfillment.

Berkshire Grey RPP solutions automate picking and packing of items directly from inventory totes to outbound customer shipping packages.

This solution improves operational efficiency for fulfillment centers, reduces shipping costs and lowers the environmental impact of eCommerce orders.

Berkshire Grey’s RPP solution is in deployment – including at SoftBank Logistics’ flagship fulfillment center in Ichikawa, Japan – and is now available to customers across the globe needing to improve throughput at their eCommerce fulfillment operations while facing unprecedented labor shortages.

The Berkshire Grey RPP solution is engineered to integrate with eCommerce operations commonly run by retailers, third party logistics (3PL) providers and pure-play eCommerce brands.

Steve Johnson, president and COO at Berkshire Grey, says: “We believe our RPP system is the first robotic eCommerce fulfillment solution capable of completely automating the picking and packing process of direct-to-consumer orders for apparel, cosmetics, health and beauty, sporting equipment, food and general merchandise – it will transform the speed and efficiencies of warehouses and fulfillment centers around the globe.

“Berkshire Grey RPP excels in handling orders – the AI handles a wide range of SKUs and does so carefully – meeting even the exacting quality standards of Japanese consumers.”

Berkshire Grey’s RPP system was designed and built to optimize SKU processing, improve picking and packing efficiency, and speed operational throughput. It autonomously picks and packs consumer orders while ensuring items remain in pristine condition – satisfying customers, minimizing returns and reducing damage costs.

The solution features:

  • Zero-pressure placement, ensuring even multiple delicate items can fit safely into a single package without dropping or over-cramming items.
  • Advanced machine vision and proprietary real-time planning algorithms to manipulate individual items for placement on the fly, achieving a tight, safe fit within each shipping box.
  • Autonomous dense packing, which leaves less air in each box and reduces the packing materials needed, thereby lowering both the shipping costs and environmental impact of eCommerce orders.

Released date: December 20, 2021


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