SICK 2D LiDAR sensors TiM2xx

Compact. Cost-effective. Reliable

The Sick TiM2xx is a compact, cost-effective and reliable 2D LiDAR sensor for a range of applications. Its HDDM+ technology ensures reliable presence monitoring, localization and object detection along with maximum machine availability. The installed rotatable M12 male connector allows for flexibility when installing the sensor and makes it the most compact of its kind. The TiM2xx offers a monitored area of up to 200 m². The sensor transmits data in real time via its integrated Ethernet interface, thereby enabling simple sensor integration into any industrial control. The SOPAS engineering tool and standard telegram ensure simple configuration.

At a glance

  • Quick measurement data output via Ethernet interface
  • Working range up to 10 m with focused aperture angle
  • Distance measurement with fine angular resolution and HDDM+ technology
  • Configuration via SOPAS ET and standard telegram
  • Compact, light plastic housing
  • Low power consumption


The TiM240 is the first variant of the TiM2xx 2D LiDAR sensors and features enclosure rating IP65 for indoor use. The user can cover a monitored area of up to 200 m² with only one 2D laser scanner, which detects even the smallest changes with its high scan rate. The low power consumption of 2.9 watts is a particular advantage when used in battery-operated vehicles. At only 150 g, the TiM2xx is a flyweight among the LiDAR sensors and does not require much space thanks to its compact design. It can be integrated into ever-shrinking mobile platforms and does not interfere in the housing of new smart media.

Measurement data output via quick Ethernet interface

The proven HDDM+ technology ensures stable and reliable measurement. The measurement data is quickly transmitted to the control via Ethernet. The TiM2xx directly identifies changes in the monitored area, thereby ensuring initiation of corresponding actions, such as slowing down an automated vehicle.

High scan performance in a small housing

The TiM2xx can monitor a space of up to 200 m² at 15 scans per second. It quickly detects changes to the environment. These are optimal prerequisites for use in small automated vehicles.

Great benefits at a low price

The right technical equipment for your requirements at an impressive price.

Release Date: Jan 25, 2021


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